Menthol Shower Steamers

Gifted Hands Artisan Soap

(WE ARE NO LONGER USING THE PLASTIC TUBE, EACH STEAMER WILL BE AS INDIVIDALS) Our shower steamers are chalked full of aromatherapy grade essential oils and menthol crystals. Peppermint & Orange are a great way to start your day with some FOCUS. CHILLAX at the end of a long day with lavender essential oil. BREATHE again with Bergamot, Eucalyptus & Lemon essential oils. HOW TO USE: Place one or two tablets in the corner of your shower away from the main stream of water. Inhale! Each Steamer can last up to 2 showers, leaving behind aromatherapy notes in the air while you finish your routine. CAUTION: Our Shower Steamers contain menthol and a high concentration of essential oils. DO NOT USE as a regular bath bomb. NET WEIGHT: 2.5 oz. ea